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Un Petit Molière

, Edinburgh

Lung Ha's Theatre Company in association with the ESMS Community Arts Fund present

Un Petit Molière  (Two plays by Molière): The Seductive Countess & The Flying Doctor

Adapted for Lung Ha's Theatre Company by Morna Pearson


Being an admirer of Molière's work, I was mindful of being respectful to the original texts. However, part of the remit was getting then down to thirty minutes, so that gave me license to reduce the rather elaborate and 'wordy' sections. also, some jokes weren't going to work on stage, so I have adapted some of the humour with the aim of appealing to a modern and non-French audience.


Jean-Baptiste Molière is France's National Playwright. His full length plays have been performed many times in Scotland; however I wanted Lung Ha's Theatre Company to bring something to the stage that has rarely been performed here. I chose two of Molière's many one-act comedies, "The Seductive Countess" and "The Flying Doctor" and contacted playwright Morna Pearson. She has done a brilliant job adapting the plays for us.



Experience The Seductive Countess running her court of admirers; find out just how many servants (Criquet) are needed to keep her ostentatious house in order. Just what is the secret to becoming an accountable suitor for the unbearable (but also very rich) countess? And can the Viscount play his cards right to get to his real love, Julie?


The Flying Doctor, Sganarelle, and his medical accomplice, Jean-Luc, need to convince Gorgibus they are real doctors so that their master Valere can marry Lucile. But what does the lawyer think? Where are the twins? And, most importantly, can you have an aching asparagus?

The Tom Fleming Centre, Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh: 9 – 12 April 2013