Featured image of The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment

, Glasgow / Edinburgh

Presented by Lung Ha Theatre Company

No, but seriously Sssssssh!

A sponsored silence is on; so whatever you do you have to keep it zipped, keep it buttoned, keep it together - even when one of the group is doing all she can to break you down.

And how can you, could anyone, stay silent when one of the team has just won wads of cash; and what about those builders who just keep popping in and out, surely something has to be said to them?

Renowned playwright Douglas Maxwell, composer MJ McCarthy and the Lung Ha Theatre Company performers take you on a (quiet) journey where silence is golden - but there are many ways to overcome silence when there is just so much to be said.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow: 01 & 02 April 2016

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 07 - 09 April 2016