Featured image of Lung Ha's Monkey

Lung Ha's Monkey

, Edinburgh

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company

A play based on a Chinese novel used in a Japanese TV Series called Monkey

Lung Ha's Monkey is a performance project based loosely on the ancient chinese legend of Monkey.

This production is unusual in that most of the cast (including groups from Gogburn, St Joseph's and Area 5) are handicapped and, to our knowledge, this is the first time Scotland has seen such a project opened to the public.

The whole cast has been involved in all aspects of the production from scene-painting through mask-making to music.

As with all community theatre projects, the process of the production and rehearsals is as important as the performance, and with this show the process has been immensely rewarding for all cast and volunteer helpers alike, Enjoy the Show!


Wilkie House, Cowgate, Edinburgh: 30 May - 01 June 1985