Featured image of Can We Live With You

Can We Live With You

, Edinburgh / Glasgow

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company and Drake Music Scotland

The brochure of the Land of Delightful Things promises beautiful scenery, wonderful people, stress-free living and even barbeques. No wonder the MacScotts travel by land and sea to reach their promised land, their utopia, their very own shangri-la. What will they find if they get there. Will the gap between expectation and reality prove too big for them, or can happiness be found in the most surprising places?


Everyone at Lung Ha's Theatre Company is a storyteller and with such a large Company there is no shortage of ideas and inspiration. It takes us many months to discover the one story for the Company's performers to take to the stage and show to you. The title of the show, "Can We Live With You", arrived through an improvisation exercise based around the idea of "outer space". 

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 03 - 05 April 2008 

Platform, Glasgow: 10 - 11 April 2008