Featured image of Arlecchino's Revenge

Arlecchino's Revenge

, Edinburgh / Glasgow

Presented by Lung Ha's Theatre Company and Paragon Ensemble

There is a land where laughter is forbidden, where the sun has forgotten to shine, where imagination is locked up and the people have given up all hope. Then one night a troupe of travelling players steals into town with a show that changes things forever... 

Placed in a world of censorship, status and of course the race to make the perfect gorgonzola, Arlecchino's Revenge is a story of redemption, but with a sting in the tail. This is a story of smelly cheese, rotten to the core bad guys and a mask that saves a village.

The performance will feature Lung Ha's full performing company with live music from Glasgow's Paragon Ensemble. 

Traverse Theatre: 05 - 07 April 2007

Tramway: 13 - 14 April 2007