Featured image of Antigone


, Edinburgh / Glasgow

A co-production between Lung Ha's Theatre Company and NYOS Futures

Antigone’s parents are gone. Her two brothers have destroyed each other in battle. One of them has been branded a traitor – so now anyone caught burying his body will be punished with death.

But Antigone cannot desert that duty to her family. As defiance and division mount, surely more bodies will fall to the ground…


Sphocles' version of Antigone is almost 2.500 years old. It was written for an audience in Athens who would have known the story well and would have been seeking a new interpretation of the tale. Since then, it has been adapted many times to reflects different cultures and events, as the questions that this play asks have continued to resonate. It presents a battered community and characters that are faced with a fundamental, irreconcilable dilemma. It presents a clash between the needs of the state and an individual's conscience; a clash between written and unwritten laws; and it asks where one's loyalties should lie - with one's family, nation, or simply oneself?

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh: 15 – 17 March 2012

Platform, Glasgow: 21 March 2012