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Performer Perspective: Emma Clark - The Silent Treatment

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New company member Emma Clark tells us about how she has found rehearsing for her first ever production as an actor with the Company.

How have you found rehearsals for The Silent Treatment?

Absolutley brilliant. I like spending time with everyone and I think the play is really funny. Rehearsals have also been quite tiring because the days are really long.

Has it been fun working on your first production as an actor with Lung Ha?

It has been really fun. I'm just getting used to spending long days working with everyone. It is something I would like to keep on doing.

The Silent Treatment will be performed at Tron Theatre, Glasgow on 01 & 02 April 2016, and Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on 07 - 09 April 2016

Image of Emma in costume for The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde, appearing as a musician with Drake Music Scotland.