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Lung Ha Reviews: Removed

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Presented as part of Traverse Festival Online. 

Prime Cuts production of Removed by Fionnuala Kennedy, performed by Conor O’Donnell and directed by Emma Jordan. 

A moving yet at times brutally honest account of life in the care system.

The story centres around Adam (Connor O'Donnell) who recounts his experience of being in the care system from childhood to adult years.

The play is incredibly hard-hitting at times as Adam recounts several experiences of a life in different care homes, including meeting Bill and Beatrice and being separated from his six-year old brother. It is performed as a monologue and features fragmented images from Adam's past (created by Conan Mcivor), both these elements work beautifully as an invitation into Adam's world. We witness some incredibly emotionally-charged and moving moments.

Connor O'Donnell as Adam gives an amazing performance throughout the piece as he takes the audience on Adam's emotional journey, navigating through his life and trying to understand what is happening to him.

Written by Fionnuala Kennedy and directed by Emma Jordan, Removed gives a voice to someone we rarely hear from. If you ever have a chance – catch it, it’s a must-see.

5 stars

Gavin Yule